Radon Testing


Testing Guidelines

A simple Radon test will tell you if your home has a high radon level. Your Heartland Radon professional will place test devices throughout your home, and after 48 hours, they are picked for quick results. It is important to adhere to the following guidelines to ensure test accuracy.

  • Prior to the start of the Radon test, keep your entire house closed for 12 hours – you may use the exterior doors for normal entry and exit.
  • During the testing period, keep all windows, doors and other openings to the outside closed during the testing period – you may use the exterior doors for normal entry and exit.
  • Avoid tamper evident seals that are installed on all windows, non-essential doors and ventilation devices.
  • Do not change the testing environment in any way, including but not limited to, opening windows, leaving doors open, changing thermostat or fan settings or cause outside air to be brought into the home.
  • Operation of mechanical systems that draw air out of building may adversely affect the test results.
  • Do not disturb or change the location of any test device(s) placed throughout the home.
  • Report any circumstances that may have an influence of the testing conditions or results to your Pinnacle Certified Radon professional.
  • A re-test may be required if any of these guidelines are not followed.

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